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For years, I struggled with my appearance. No matter how hard I tried to put on makeup or pluck those eyebrows, I always ended up looking like a crazy person. Fortunately, one of my friends decided to help me out. For a few months, she came over every single morning and helped me to put on makeup, until I learned how to do it the right way. I found that I was doing a lot of things the wrong way, which was making the entire process take much longer than it needed to. Now that I am a seasoned makeup veteran, I decided to set up this website to help other people learn the tricks of the trade.

4 Things To Know About Lash Extensions Before Getting Them

Having long lashes can look really beautiful and sexy. If you were not born with long lashes, you can get long lashes via lash extensions. Before you head down to your local salon, here are a few things you need to understand about them.

#1 Have To Stay Away From Water

After you get lash extensions, you are going to want to stay away from water for a whole day. That means you don't want to splash your face with water, take a shower or bath, or go swimming. Make sure that your schedule can accommodate staying out of the water for an entire day.

Avoiding water for the entire day will allow the glue that is used to stick your lash extensions in place to settle. If you get water on your extensions too soon, they may not adhere right.

#2 Avoid Eye Products

As a matter of fact, you want to keep all products away from your eyes for a day. You don't want an oil-based eye shadow or eye make-up remover to interact with your lashes and compromise the glue. That means that you shouldn't get lash extensions the night before a big date or a special event where you are going to want to wear make-up. Get your lash extensions a few days before whatever special event you really want to show up to with long lashes.

#3 Limit The Use Of Mascara

Your lashes are going to look thicker and longer, and they will stand out on their own without the use of mascara. If you feel like you really need mascara to complete your look, only apply the mascara to the tips of your eyelashes and keep the application light. This will give your extensions a little extra pop without making them look clunky.

#4 You Shouldn't Experience Pain

When you get lash extensions, you should not experience any pain. Your eyes should not tear-up and ]they should not feel uncomfortable or itchy. If your experience discomfort, let your technician know. They can change out the glue that they are using. You shouldn't have to deal with pain when getting lash extensions. It may take a few tries, but make sure that the glue that is used agrees with your body.

Even if your eyes do get red, they should never actually be harmed by lash extensions. If you have an allergic reaction, you may need to remove the extensions and get some eye drops.