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For years, I struggled with my appearance. No matter how hard I tried to put on makeup or pluck those eyebrows, I always ended up looking like a crazy person. Fortunately, one of my friends decided to help me out. For a few months, she came over every single morning and helped me to put on makeup, until I learned how to do it the right way. I found that I was doing a lot of things the wrong way, which was making the entire process take much longer than it needed to. Now that I am a seasoned makeup veteran, I decided to set up this website to help other people learn the tricks of the trade.

Five Ways To Wear Your Floral Romper

Rompers, which are one-piece outfits consisting of shorts and a blouse-style top, are popping up on clothing racks in stores across the country. However, many women have not yet embraced this trend, largely because they're not quite sure how to wear it. The great thing about rompers -- especially those with dainty floral patterns -- is that you can wear them in so many different ways! Here's a look at five stylish ways to wear your floral romper.

To An Outdoor Concert (Hippie Chic)

Pair your floral romper with some flat, colorful sneakers and your favorite long, beaded necklace for a look that's concert ready. Place a flower in your hair (try to find a flower that matches the pattern in your romper) and reach for your favorite aviator glasses. If the temperature is going to be a bit chilly, don a leather or canvas jacket with frayed sleeves or some worn spots to complete the look. If you want to look a bit edgier, wear some colorful fishnets under your romper.

To The Office (Business Casual)

As long as your romper is not too short, you can even wear it to the office. Look for a stylish, waist-length blazer to wear over it so you do not look too exposed. A short-sleeve blazer is perfect in summer. A pair of opaque tights makes the look a bit more conservative, especially when paired with some plain black or tan pumps. Finish your look with some classic pearl or diamond earrings and a matching necklace.

Out To The Club (Sensationally Seductive)

If you're tired of feeling too exposed in short dresses at the club or when bar hopping in the evening, wearing a romper is a great alternative. The short-bottoms give you a little more modesty while still flattering your figure. To add some sensuality to the look, keep your legs bare and don your tallest pair of stilettos. Pair them with a matching clutch, and then really glam up your makeup with smoky eyes, a bright red lip, and carefully defined cheekbones. If your romper buttons up (as most do), undo the top button or two to show off a little more skin. 

On a Casual Picnic Or Walk (Laid Back and Comfortable)

Your romper will allow you to look cute and stylish on a picnic or casual walk around town. If the temperature is a bit chilly, an opaque pair of tights will keep you warm; otherwise, keep your legs bare. A pair of ballet flats or even flat, colored slip-on sneakers will keep the look casual, as will a canvas messenger bag or slouchy purse. Put your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail to keep the look laid back, and aim for a natural look with your makeup.

To The Mall Or Lunch With Friends (Feminine and Casual)

Pick your favorite statement necklace, and use it to add a feminine, yet relaxed look to your romper outfit. Sandals or ballet flats will add a touch of style to your feet. You can even wrap a thick, casual belt around your waist to enhance your figure and break up the look of the romper a bit. Add a pop of color with your eyeshadow, and you have the perfect casual look for a luncheon gathering or shopping trip.

If you're able to find a romper that does not show off too much skin up top (unless you leave buttons undone), and that comes at least to your mid-thigh, you should be able to wear it in all of the ways described above. Perhaps you will love it so much that you'll invest in more than one!